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Recall those stretchy transistors and bendy silicon circuits? Now you can plumb them together with these Roboden elasticated cables. Asahi Kasei corporation came up with the idea while trying to create cords flexible enough to power up humanoid robots. Thanks to its work with Spandex, the company

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November 30, 2011 at 10:09AM
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Man, we hope Gumby's collecting some royalty checks for this one. One part incredible-stretching toy, and one part DIY robotics kit, the Plick project takes the traditional hobbyist approach to brick-building your own bot and slaps a little rubber all around it. The industrial design prototype fr

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All of us here at Engadget are young, beautiful, and vigorous, but we understand that time is not always as kind to everyone else as it has been to us -- that's why we're giving you the heads up that German scientists claim that they can restore your youth in a whole new way. Researchers Andrei P.

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