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We've seen any number of gadgets designed to help the visually impaired read (and even occasionally drive), but it's not all that often peripherals come along that teach Braille in the first place. Yasaman Sheri's Braille Buddy concept is clearly the exception to that rule -- it's a six-key device ...

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September 5, 2010 at 7:23PM
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While artificial muscles stand poised to bring a new world of tactility to touchable devices, there's still hope they might fulfill some bigger, loftier goals -- like helping to save lives. That's a large part of where the research at Micromuscle is focused, creating a series of electroactive poly...

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While some researchers over in Raleigh are having fun tinkering with PlayStation 3 farms and dodging the RIAA, NC State's Drs. Tushar Ghosh and John Muth are occupied building prototypes with fibers they say "resemble human muscle and can exhibit muscle-like capabilities when electrical currents are...

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