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Aluminum sides, chamfered edges, slim profile, solidly built back -- this is what Samsung's chosen as its brand-new design language, and it's why the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge (which was introduced this week) have a premium look and feel. But the new Note isn't the only device with the same type...

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September 5, 2014 at 7:50AM
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Smartwatches are supposed to be pieces of jewelry that are just as personal as the smartphones they're attached to, yet rarely are they thought of as fashionable. We've seen a handful (or is it wristful?) that are hip, ornate and sporty, but we've also admittedly endured plenty of ugly options as...

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While many of us might be satisfied with the low-end cellies that just handle the basics, there's apparently a hefty chunk of consumers on the other extreme, too. Joining D&G, Hulger, and Gresso (just to name a few) in the avant-garde phone realm, Prada is teaming up with LG Electronics to unve...

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