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Not that we haven't seen unorthodox cases before, but there's just something -- how do you say? -- insanely awesome about this one. Disguised as a beat up, reused envelope from the LOL Post, this rip proof, water proof, writable Tyvek case is padded on the inside and perfectly ready for your mobile

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July 1, 2010 at 10:11PM

We've already seen Lenovo take a swipe at Apple's genius idea to shove its slimmest laptop into an interoffice envelope, and now we're seeing the same type of setup with MSI's X-Slim X340. Thankfully, it appears that MSI itself didn't put the crew at NewGadgets up to the task, and if it did, it shou

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Sure, we all got a chuckle when Steve casually pulled the MacBook Air out from within a manila envelope on stage, but we didn't exactly expect to-be owners to snag one from the supply cabinet and put it to use. Nevertheless, the quick-thinking duo that is Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans had an id

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With all the chicanery that's been going on with ATMs of late, it looks like the machines are finally getting back at the humans. In a move that's already confusing creatures of habit, envelope-free ATMs are starting to pop up in highly-trafficked areas, and as the name implies, they require that yo

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