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Twitter has been making a giant push for expanded tweets from content providers. It's only a short logical leap from that to Twitter providing the content itself, and that's exactly what AdWeek claims may well happen. Its unconfirmed tipsters have the microblog taking a page from YouTube by pitchi...

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July 26, 2012 at 2:38PM
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This past week, many of us were shaken out of our self-absorption with LotRO's F2P switch as we were suddenly joined by -- of all things -- the good folks at EverQuest II. I don't think anyone could've predicted two such high-profile MMORPGs moving to a subscription/free-to-play hybrid model this y...

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The strike is behind us and most shows are back on the air, but don't think you've felt the last of its effects, DVD and Blu-ray boxed sets for most of this season's TV shows will be a few episodes shorter than normal. Apparently the idea of charging a little less is just too outrageous, according t...

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