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Picture a typical factory robot in your head and you'll probably see a cold, unsympathetic arm performing relatively simple tasks. You may want to shake that image soon, though. Rethink Robotics has taken the wraps off of Sawyer, a smaller sibling to its earlier Baxter model that's built for handl...

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March 19, 2015 at 11:33PM
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We saw this coming when we met FRIDA, and now it's apparently happening. According to Xinhuanet, Foxconn's founder and chairman chose a workers' party last Friday night to reveal plans for a surge in the company's robot contingent. There'll be 300,000 robots in operation by next year and a swarm-...

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Just think -- Zappos has been shipping out shoes .9284 minutes after you order them for years with mere humans running the show. Now, your new kicks will likely be at your doorstep moments after you think of ordering them. Said e-tailer has just completed implementation of Kiva Systems' Mobile Ful...

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