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Mmmmmm feral druid gear. (Yes, in a Undead rogue's hand for some reason, but still.) Name: Earthwarden Type: Epic Two-hand Mace Damage / Speed: 142-279 / 3.20 (65.8 DPS) Abilities: 500 Armor. Yes, on a 2h mace. Hawt. +39 Stamina. Increases defense rating by 27, feral skill combat rating by...

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June 1, 2007 at 8:40PM
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Righteous Fury has an interesting little piece up about off-specs-- you know them, they're the weirdos who play their class to do something other than its standard role in endgame raiding. Feral druids, DPS-adins, Fury warriors, Enhancement shammys, and (perhaps most of all) shadow priests. The conv...

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