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We gamer nerds are often stereotyped as socially awkward and romantically challenged, perhaps due to the fact that we all very obviously spend our entire lives in our mothers' basements drinking Mountain Dew and consuming obscene quantities of Cheetos (amirite gaiz?), but a recent contestant on t...

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April 9, 2012 at 6:00PM
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At least see the high-res version before you start arguing. Multiplatform games are rarely as scrutinized as this. However, Final Fantasy XIII's fall from PS3 exclusivity has certainly sparked countless fanboy battles that rage online and, unfortunately, in our own comments section. Square Enix ...

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In a viral marketing move that's sure to draw the fire of Apple fanboys enthusiasts (probably right here in the comments, if history is any indication), SanDisk has posted a website called "iDon't" that encourages people to flee the closed iPod universe (the "iTatorship," they call it) -- and to p...

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