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The climate is so arid in some corners of the globe that virtually any source of water is crucial to survival; even the fog rolling over the hills could make a big difference. MIT is well aware of this, and has been testing an advanced form of fog harvesting in Chile's Atacama Desert (one of the d...

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May 16, 2014 at 4:29PM
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Unless you're blind, or just plain out of the loop, you've probably noticed a proliferation of folks rocking spectacles as accessories of late, but for those of us who wear the things out of necessity, there's no taking 'em off when our lenses fog up. Lucky for us, a team of Canadian researchers hav...

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Alright, so ShatterGARD Inc. definitely doesn't intend for its FogSHIELD PB 240 (pictured after the break) to actually be used in nightclubs, but ejecting "enough fog to cover 2,000 square feet in less than 15 seconds" could definitely get the mood set real quick like. Marketed at homes and busine...

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