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You can never have too many name-brand duping, cheap looking, Chinese sweatshop produced PMPs laying around, can you? I mean sure, we've seen little guys that boost the Game Boy Micro before, such as this number from way back in 2006, but this new entry does it with so much flair and unabashed dis...

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August 24, 2007 at 10:58PM
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Is the $100 Gameboy Micro a little too rich for your blood? Why not pick up the similar-looking One Station (not to be confused with the POP Station, although it's entirely possible that they're related), which was recently spotted for under forty bucks at a Philippine electronics shop - it offers ...

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Perhaps a bit jealous of fellow memory manufacturer SanDisk's successes in the portable audio space, Kingston is breaking in with their own portable media device. Titled the K-PEX (Kingston Portable Entertainment eXperience), the unit sports a 2-inch LCD, SD card slot, and about all the video and...

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