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Back in early November, just after Microsoft dropped a new, new Xbox Dashboard on us, the console's ability to load into games at startup -- known as the "boot to disc" option" -- was disabled. Sure, crazy workarounds existed (like, say, moving the cursor to "Play Disc" and hitting the A button), bu...

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January 19, 2011 at 2:40PM
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It seems that the Fall Update brought with it more than we realized. A befuddled Knuckles Dawson IMed us the other day, noting that backwards compatible Xbox games are now showing up on Xbox 360 Gamercards. We checked our own console, and sure enough, a recently played Xbox game (Ninja Gaiden) was ...

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The winners of's design poll are now available and ready for use by the geek public. H2O has a "water-cooling" theme (the tube changes color depending on your online status) while Recessed incorporates a nifty status light. Better yet, there are sub-themes available for both. [Thanks...

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