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PvE in most MMOs revolves around killing hordes of NPCs for currency, XP, tokens, or loot, and EVE Online is no exception. Players can hunt for rare pirate ships in nullsec asteroid belts, farm Sansha incursions for ISK and loyalty points, or team up against Sleeper ships in dangerous wormhole spac...

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November 10, 2013 at 6:00PM
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The other day, we asked our readers whether they take their time leveling or if they make a mad dash to the level cap. We had a variety of responses, with some people fitting into one of the two polar opposites and others placing themselves somewhere in the middle. One reader, Accordance, made a com...

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At its most basic, PvP in an MMO is just the ability - under set conditions - to punch your fellow players in the face. In a game world where open competition is the rule, PvP doesn't necessarily have to go beyond that. Give players the option to fight one another, and they will make their own story...

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