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I love instances. They're far and above my favorite part of the game -- I'm definitely a co-op PvE kind of player, and PvE instances are, to me, what's really great about MMOs: a group of players can sit down, and in an hour or a few hours, take down dragons, kill some monsters, and nab some epic lo...

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July 30, 2009 at 8:00AM
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It seems like a long time since we've done our live podcast, and that's because it has been -- we talked to Felicia Day last week, but the interview was taped because of the holiday. So tomorrow afternoon, we're happy that we'll be back live over at Ustream to record our weekly podcast. On the docke...

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And here we are at 6pm, and hour number 11 in our 24 hours of launch day contests featuring Tabula Rasa. How's things? Good? Friday afternoon going OK? If not, maybe we can help-- this hour we'll be giving away a Tabula Rasa hat, a poster, and an oversized game box (sans actual game) to three rand...

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