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Catchy songs are infectious, so you shouldn't feel bad if you've spent the last six months muttering about being all about that bass. Treatments for this persistent condition normally include either playing the track on a loop until you're bored of it, listening to anything else or forcing yoursel...

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May 11, 2015 at 7:33AM
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Nah, Revolymer's latest concoction won't play music or record your favorite shows, but if it passes European health and safety tests, it could end up in your mouth before long. The Bristol University spin-out company "claims that it has created a new material (dubbed Rev7) which can be added to gum ...

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We've been doing it all wrong! For months we've all been trying to squeeze our iPod shuffles into gum packs and Altoid tins. Turns out, we've been missing the real action.Store the gum inside the shuffle instead!* Mmmm... shufflemint!ImNotGaryColeman's Flickr set demonstrates the possibilities.* War...

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