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To celebrate the second season of Defiance on TV, Trion Worlds has triggered a new invasion of Hellbugs... in RIFT. Hey, even Telarites watch Syfy when they're not out battling planar forces. These aren't your old Hellbugs, but a different strain that will appear in various rifts, footholds, and...

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June 19, 2014 at 9:00AM
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Trion Worlds has announced a curious new promo deal for folks who haven't yet picked up a copy of MMO-television hybrid Defiance. Purchasing a physical copy of Defiance now rewards gamers with unique loot in both it and Trion's other big online property, RIFT. Transmedia synergy, anyone? For a l...

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Defiance's April release isn't too far away, and today Trion has made the new MMO shooter available for pre-order. There are several bundles to choose from including both physical and digital collector's editions and a good assortment of early bird bonus items. Pre-order bonuses include beta i...

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