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Forget lab-made materials like graphene -- natural, old-fashioned hemp may be the ticket to our energy future. Researchers have demonstrated that you can make very efficient carbon electrodes simply by heating hemp bast fibers in a two-stage process. The resulting substance holds as much energy as...

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August 13, 2014 at 12:58PM
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I got a lot of backlash over the last installment of The Art of Wushu. While the issues over pay-to-win are understandable, an overwhelming number of you seemed to disbelieve the amount of silver I was able to produce daily. Some of you protested my 1D/daily figure (which is on the high side), wh...

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What you're looking at is an actual Wiimote and nunchuk wrapped in high-grade hemp. Modder DHRECK wanted to recontextualize Nintendo's controller by turning the sterile, white plastic into something much more natural. In his words, "In stark contrast with the original Wii-mote set, what was once s...

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