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You want to play Xbox games, but you also want to eat a piping hot microwaved meat turnover. What do you do? If you're us, you have to clean your controller. If you're renowned modder Ben Heckendorn, you go into your workshop and build a Hot Pocket pocket that clips to your Xbox controller. Heck's...

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January 24, 2012 at 1:30PM
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While stereotypes can be both offensive and unfair, depending on the situation, they can also be spot-on accurate. After all, stereotypes come from somewhere, whether it's a good place or New Jersey. Gamers seem to accumulate a great deal of stereotypes, perhaps more than any other hobby out there....

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The Onion, a popular news satire site, has played off the World of Warcraft before with articles such as "Baby, you mean the World of Warcraft to me," but now they've taken it to the realm of video. The Onion News Network reports on Blizzard's latest (fictional) release, World of World of Warcraft. ...

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