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When the UK's Members of Parliament get down to work following the election in May, they'll have more than just a new government on their hands -- they'll have a tablet, too. The Parliamentary tech team is handing out cellular-equipped iPad Air 2 units to all 650 House of Commons MPs so that they ...

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March 25, 2015 at 7:57PM
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Many in the UK recognize Alan Turing's contributions to computing as we know it, but attempts to obtain a pardon for the conviction that tragically cut short his career have thus far been unsuccessful. There's a new glimmer of hope, however: government whip Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon says that the cu...

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That glow you see coming from the House of Commons in London may be the glow of new iPads. The BBC reports that a Commons Administration Committee has recommended a rollout of iPads and other tablet computers to save the British taxpayer money. At present, every member of Parliament gets three ...

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