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Sometimes I honestly wonder what goes on in the minds of the decision-makers at Sony Online Entertainment. Case in point is the recent decision to add wings to EverQuest II's cash shop. I'm not opposed to cash shops per se, and I'm not opposed to flying mounts or the formerly nifty race-specif...

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January 12, 2012 at 8:00AM
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We were just fine with letting this story dissipate right into the air like so many bad smells, as it's not exactly the most impressive thing to ever happen in the App Store. But in the interests of completionism, we'll bring it to you anyway. First, there were two apps that made fart noises, cal...

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Imagine if video game sites and magazines didn't do previews on upcoming games. That'd be a terrible world. But just think of an even more hellish existence, where these customer previews were all you had to go on before buying a game: Ghost Rider "This game looks stupid, if this game is as good ...

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