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Another day, another step towards technologically tricked out contact lenses. The latest development comes from researchers at the Centre of Microsystems Technology at Ghent University, who've developed a prototype lens with an embedded, spherical curved LCD that isn't limited to a paltry amount o

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December 10, 2012 at 10:02AM
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Make no mistake, wrapping your mind around the build of an OLED panel is mighty tough to do. Without getting you mired in technobabble, let's just say that indium tin oxide (ITO) has generally been a mainstay in every single OLED that was produced commercially. Now, a team of researchers from AGFA-

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Make no mistake about it, if Geordi La Forge ever needed a wireless EEG system, this would be atop his list. Developed by IMEC, the same folks who brought us the wireless ECG patch, this wearable contraption enables brain wave monitoring sans the use of batteries. Rather, it relies on body heat dis

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