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Inertia is a really amazing platformer for the iPhone that uses a mechanic I haven't seen in any game in recent memory. It's a platformer, so you control a little spaceman that can walk left and right and jump from platform to platform. But Intertia adds another button that essentially will kee...

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December 13, 2011 at 7:30PM
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Limbo and Xbox Indie title Inertia! have won the second annual Indie Game Challenge at DICE. Sponsored by The Guildhall at SMU, GameStop and the AIAS, the winners will each receive $100,000 and an EEDAR DesignMetrics title research assessment valued at $15,000. Limbo, which we felt was one of th...

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As MMOs become more accessible, casual players who have little contiguous time to play can run into a form of player inertia. The effort required to reach the next level is too great; levelling up is too far away to justify a week of plugging away for an hour a day. This inertia inevitably causes pl...

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