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I have a few social rules that I follow when I'm in any MMO. I am courteous to other players and helpful when I can be. I stay the heck out of political, religious, or World of Warcraft-themed "debates" in general chat. I resist correcting others' grammar or mocking them for a poorly chosen name. A...

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May 24, 2014 at 8:00AM
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PC vs. Mac flamewars are older than the web itself, but it seems like the more popular/successful Apple gets, the more heated the argument gets on both sides. Almost any debate about the relative merits of one platform or another is guaranteed to degenerate into an all-out shouting match. In the ...

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The initially Xbox 360-exclusive BioShock was one of the major salvos in the ongoing console wars, waged on message boards and comment sections everywhere (including right here on this very site). Speaking with Destructoid, BioShock 2 producer Jordan Thomas expressed hope that the multi-platform se...

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