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The newest Humble Jumbo Bundle lets you live out your wildest dreams, offering digital power fantasies that range from high-flying superheroics to ... freight delivery. Look, some people just dream on a smaller scale, and that's perfectly fine. Pay any amount for the bundle and you'll get the Ki...

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November 13, 2014 at 7:00PM
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Twas' the fifth day of the Steam Summer Sale, with deals in droves. At just five dollars, prepare to die with Dark Souls. Fan-favorite Rogue Legacy is slashed by 75 percent ($3.74), You can play Arma 3 ($29.99) and keep half your rent. Phosphor Games' Nether is down to just three bucks, Yet ...

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This gameplay video for Insurgency, a team-based online FPS from New World Interactive, includes some rather dramatic music. We get it, a trailer for a game based on a popular Half-Life 2 mod by the same name deserves a little extra spice. The fact that the game is already available on Steam t...

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