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ZeniMax has updated the spiffy official Elder Scrolls Online interactive map with details on Craglorn, the high-end area arriving in the game's first major content patch. If you're clicking around aimlessly, here's a tip: It's the big grey area between blue Bangkorai and green Cyrodiil. Clickable h...

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May 5, 2014 at 6:00PM
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MMO maps are pretty cool, no? Heck, maps in general tickle my fancy, and there's a new interactive one on The Elder Scrolls Online website that's worth checking out. ZeniMax says that users can "see new screenshots and concept art and read journals, excerpts from books [...] and more from the world...

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While Star Wars: The Old Republic has long since displayed its many, many planets on its Holonet page, BioWare's just released a brand-new map that lets you explore the entirety of the galaxy in three dimensions. The Galaxy Map serves to give players a good feel for how enormous the Star Wars ...

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