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Humble Bundle organizers have added three bonus games to the ongoing Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10, bringing the collection up to 11 featured games at a pay-what-you-want price point. Ludosity's Zelda-like action-adventure game Ittle Dew, Mode 7's tactical sim Frozen Synapse, and Subatomic ...

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June 4, 2014 at 11:20AM
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Let's face it, if you're a Wii U owner you're well aware Mario Kart 8 is out tomorrow. It's the series' first HD entry, when you register it online you get a code for a free game, and you know this. But, maybe for some foul reason you're less Mario Kart 8 and more Mario Kart Hate. Luckily for you...

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Nintendo opened the floodgates on the Wii U's indie offerings in a video today, showing 18 different games coming to the system from European and Australian developers. Head past the break to see the list of games shown in the video. Among things missing from the video were release dates for s...

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