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Are you a fan of indie fantasy sandbox Salem? Do you like walls of text that give your mousewheel a serious workout? You might enjoy today's Salem update, then, as Mortal Moments project lead John Carver has a lot to say. And why not? It's been nearly six months since the last such dev blast. Ca...

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January 6, 2015 at 7:00PM
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The colonial perma-death MMO Salem has faced some publisher problems over the last year or so, but indie dev Mortal Moments has swooped in to take over the ambitious project recently. Project Lead John Carver made a formal introduction when the transfer was finalized, but what's even more interesti...

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They say misery loves company, so it's only fitting that the most miserable person we know (Isaac Clarke just can't seem to escape them Necromorphs!) now has a partner in Dead Space 3. John Carver is now the Riggs to Clarke's Murtaugh – we hope a mutated Gary Busey ends up being the final bo...

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