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Well, it's a day ending in "y," so it must be time for another indie sandbox update (though thankfully this one has little to do with Kickstarter). In all seriousness, Above & Beyond Technologies has released its June summary for The Repopulation, a sci-fi title that's heavy on nods to genre ...

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July 1, 2012 at 3:00PM
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"This has been a longstanding problem with our competitive formats," the June Guild Wars dev diary bemoans. "There are a great variety to try, but many people haven't found enough reasons to jump in." Hence the impetus behind Guild Wars' June update, which contains a number of new incentives t...

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It might show its age a little, but Asheron's Call is one of the oldest MMOs still running, and it continues receiving regular content updates from the fine team at Turbine. June has brought with it another huge influx of new content, starting with the inclusion of an entirely new race known as Gea...

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