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With the news of APB rising from the grave as APB: Reloaded, Joystiq spoke with GamersFirst's CTO and COO Bjorn Book-Larsson. The company is a free-to-play publisher which maintains a steady following and, as you can imagine, we were left with plenty of questions following the announcement -- the b...

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November 16, 2010 at 3:01PM
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IGN has a scoop on the new 'Nocturnal Sonata' expansion to Sword of the New World, an MMO also known as Granado Espada in Asia. Sword of the New World is a free-to-play title brought to North America and Europe by the K2 Network. Massively has looked at this game in the past and found it to be a qu...

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Players of War Rock, the free-play MMO from K2 Network and Team War Rock, have the opportunity to win prizes as a part of this year's special Halloween events. All cash purchases made on the War Rock website until November 7 qualify players for a chance to win at the prize lottery. Instant prizes ...

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