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Less than 24 hours after it went live on Microsoft's site, Steve Ballmer reported a whopping 500,000 downloads of Windows 8 Developer Preview. That's half a million copies, if not eager Windows fans. Well, you can count us among them. Although we were treated to some private hands-on time with a ta...

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September 16, 2011 at 5:45PM
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A friend wrote to ask: Is there a way to turn off Expose without opening System Preferences, clicking on each drop-down menu and selecting the -- option? Because sometimes I just don't need it. Or it confuses my Mother. Or my advisor. To be clear, she knows that she could go to System Preferences &...

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No, I'm not talking about hitting the Cancel button. I'm also not talking about hitting Esc. I'm talking about canceling operations. Ever had a page take forever to load, and you just want Safari to cut it out? You don't really want to close the window, just stop loading whatever wacky CSS business ...

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