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Plopping kids down in front of the boob tube can be a great way for parents to snatch a few seconds of peace, but now kids can be entertained with LeapFrog's LeapTV active video game console. The company's been known for its educational tablets, but now there's a bit more calorie burning involved....

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July 15, 2014 at 1:01PM
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I had the dream again, but this time with a twist. I walked through the store, admiring the shelves and shelves of tiny robots, toy trains and action figures. Cool toys lined every shelf, articulated robots and little army men with swappable guns. Tanks, space marines, huge dragons and all sort of ...

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Ever wonder what kids think about games made specifically for them? Have you been dying to know what an eleven-year-old thinks about LocoRoco? Pocketgamer recently spent some time with kid gamers, and got the honest reactions straight from the pint-sized players. Highlights include: Andrew (10...

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