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Tomorrow marks a huge milestone in MMO history as sci-fi sandbox EVE Online officially turns ten years old. Released by a tiny icelandic development studio whose only previous release was a board game featuring Reykjavik's favourite cross-dressing mayor, EVE has slowly grown over the past decade to...

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May 5, 2013 at 6:00PM
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When a ship is destroyed in EVE Online, half of its fitted modules are destroyed and half are dropped as loot. When EVE was young, the list of modules destroyed and dropped in a kill was sent in an in-game mail to both the victim and the player who got the killing blow. Today the killmail is stor...

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Yesterday marked a first in EVE Online -- the first time a titan supercapital ship was destroyed by an opposing non-capital ship fleet. For those less familiar with EVE, titans have been a sensitive issue for many players in the game, as they're New Eden's closest equivalent to the Death Star in St...

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