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Royal Quest, an MMO "full of magic, technology, and alchemy," opened the doors to its early access test yesterday. While the game promotes itself as being free-to-play, this only applies starting the second week in August. Before then, anyone interested in checking it out needs to purchase one of t...

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August 1, 2014 at 5:00PM
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This weekend the Impulse digital delivery store has a handful of games on sale including the critical and commercial darling Braid. Knocking 50% off each title, the sale also includes Sins of a Solar Empire from publisher Stardock -- also known as the guys and gals behind the Impulse service. Have ...

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King's Bounty. For the younger set the name might not mean much, though it's more likely that you're familiar with the series it later gave rise to in New World Computing's Heroes of Might and Magic. King's Bounty, released for personal computers in 1990 and even ported to the Sega Genesis a year ...

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