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GamersFirst is getting a lot of press lately due to its resurrection project on APB: Reloaded, but it bears mentioning that San Paro isn't the only city receiving some love from the free-to-play company. Knight Online's capital city of Moradon "has risen from the ashes to be completely redesig...

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June 7, 2011 at 1:00PM
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The MMO genre is more than World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, and Warhammer Online. Here's what's going on in the rest of the world. Ankama Games launches new Dofus Heroic Server; includes permadeath As of September 23rd, there's a new server dedicated to Ankama Games' Dofus. Called the Heroic Serv...

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For those of you wondering 'K2 who?', you're not alone; the interviewer himself admits to having to look up the company on its website before beginning the interview. However, as publisher of mostly Asian free-to-play MMO titles such as Knight Online, Global MU Online, and the recently-released Swor...

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