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Whether it's made up of stuns, knockdowns, sleeps, or disarms, there's a whole part of MMO gameplay dedicated to making sure your opponents don't get to do anything. The latest WildStar Dev Speak video notes that this is an important gameplay aspect that's also very challenging to manage from a des...

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August 21, 2013 at 9:00AM
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Most tanks are control freaks. As a matter of fact, you should hope that your tank is a control freak, because the ones who shrug off a mob running around loose are the ones you probably don't want tanking your run anyway. With that in mind, there are several player abilities that, while great for ...

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One of Aion's most touted features is its aerial combat, with the game's own website challenging us to abandon our limited two-dimensional thinking to make way for the future. We're not alone in wanting to know more about these flight mechanics, and when asked about them in a recent interview at Ten...

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