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Infected monkeys not withstanding, games about the undead are all the rage, which is why we're puzzled at UK-based Kuju Entertainment's apparent decision to shelve Redwood Falls. According to PlayStation Universe, the Battalion Wars dev has taken a shotgun to the upcoming PS3-exclusive zombie shoo...

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December 24, 2008 at 8:50AM
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Humanity's vendetta against simple (and notably evil) geometric shapes is set to continue its expansion beyond the humble beginnings as a bonus in Project Gotham Racing. Xbox Live Arcade, Vista and mobile phones now find themselves joined in the war by the Wii and DS, at least if the July issue of ...

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For those too impatient to wait for Planet Moon's Afterburner update, soon you'll be able to get your mach speed on with M.A.C.H. According to Gamespot the game is set to be on store shelves in the US on February 20th for $39.99. Developed by Kuju Entertainment and to be published by Sierra, the g...

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