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OMG HD Zombies, an expansion of a PSP Mini, is slowly chomping its way up the platform chain - after shuffling to Vitas last year, the chain-reaction zombie killer is headed for Steam's PC users on February 13. HD Zombies is stingy with bullets, but it doesn't make its players creep around da...

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February 9, 2014 at 11:30AM
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Last year, developer Laughing Jackal released a PSP Mini called Cubixx, a take on the "surround" gameplay of Qix, across a cube instead of a flat surface. Now the developer is updating its Mini for a much less "miniature" release, as a PS3-exclusive downloadable title. Cubixx HD features new e...

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We want to be more upset at Laughing Jackal's wholesale appropriation of the Qix concept -- even going so far as to use a similar title -- for its PSP Minis game, Cubixx. But the fact is that Qix is awesome, whether Taito is making it or not, and it's relatively unexplored compared to other arcade c...

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