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Anxious to see just how purty Resident Evil 4's textures will be on the PC when the game makes its HD return to the platform? Capcom-Unity has released some comparison screens showing the greater detail afforded by the new port. Capcom has added a lot more detail to Leon's jacket as well as th...

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January 24, 2014 at 6:00PM
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The announce of Resident Evil 6 stole the spotlight yesterday afternoon during Capcom's big 15th anniversary event in Japan, and the company delivered even more info on the game than the surprisingly lengthy trailer could offer. It turns out that Leon will be joined by a brand new, highly alliter...

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After five long years of careful manicuring, your hair is finally, perfectly coifed -- just like Resident Evil 4's Leon S. Kennedy. You've got that devil-may-care attitude down, ammo clips holstered around each thigh, and you're all about saving the president's daughter. The only thing left? Finger...

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