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Apparently, my not-really strategy of promising a column on a given topic in the following week has ensured that we're kept in a steady stream of interesting Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI news, just enough that my plans for the following week are derailed. It does make the "next week" se...

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July 2, 2011 at 12:00PM
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After the anniversary earlier this month, it's been fairly quiet within Champions Online. Shannon Posniewski, the game's executive producer, recently sat down to talk a little bit about the game's past and future. It includes some interesting tidbits about the game, such as Posniewski saying that t...

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Leveling content and endgame are two completely different things. Most people think that they can just jump into raiding without any new learning curve, but those people need to understand that they're pretty wrong. Raiding is a brand new world with brand new rules. Good for those who are new to t...

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