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Pop quiz: What's holding up your iMac? As handsome as the metal foot design may be, many deskbound Mac mavens eventually find that the fixed-height screen position isn't quite high enough for comfortable ergonomics. In my experience, the same goes for the Cinema Display -- up until yesterday, m...

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September 26, 2012 at 9:00AM
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Joining the already crowded market of flat-panel mounts, INCA has introduced its 900810-5A-WPS, which is an elaborate way of saying Motorized Wall Mounted Pullout and Swivel. Said device is fully automatic and remotely controlled, can hold sets up to 100 pounds and should accommodate mostly any HD...

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Did you ever wish you could sit down and pick the brain of a game designer to see what sort of world-views or models for the game industry are informing his design decisions? Truth be told, there are many designers out there, some in the MMO space, who would probably bore you to death with talk of...

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