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While we're sitting around complaining about the lack of innovative user interfaces and experiences in modern consumer electronics, a man named Barton Smith is actually doing something about it. In 2008 the industrial designer hatched a concept for an OS called Locus which completely upends many of...

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February 8, 2010 at 12:21PM
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Okay Bandai, we get it. After over 50 years of making cheap toys and video games you want to show the world you can make overpriced stuff too. As if your $2,200 Ginza diorama wasn't enough of a statement, now you're producing a $525 box that lights up and blinks like a miniaturized monochrome disc...

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Alcatel had mentioned a few months ago that it planned to roll deep with US launches this year -- kind of hard to swallow, considering the non-presence they've had here for years and the difficulty for a new player to break into the market -- but sure enough, here we go with the first volley. Locu...

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