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Apple and Samsung presented their closing arguments earlier this and now the trial of the century is in the hands of the jury. Before deliberations began, Judge Lucy Koh spent a portion of Tuesday afternoon going over 100+ pages of instructions with the jury. We don't have to endure this tediou...

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August 22, 2012 at 11:45AM
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Andy Ihnatko wrote an article for Macworld UK in which he talks about living in a post-PC world with the iPad as his main computing device. He discusses how the iPad has changed from a content consumption to a content creation device, thanks to some bold developers willing to push the iPad to i...

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There have been a number of reports that people are having all kinds of issues with iTunes 7 (funny how this happens every time Apple updates iTunes. I would wager that iTunes is Apple's most used app, and I'm including OS X). Macworld UK has gathered up a number of links to Apple Knowledge base art...

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