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As our lives become saturated with digital devices, it's often refreshing to saunter over to the vintage side of things for a moment. Marshall paid tribute to its '60s guitar amp origins when it released its 50th anniversary edition Hanwell speaker and one lucky Engadget reader will now get to lay

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June 10, 2014 at 10:35AM
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We might have had full specs and a price for the Marshall Minors for a good couple of months already, but in true rock star form, they're only now arriving in stock. As of today, your order for a pair of these premium buds will be met with no delay, meaning that if you want to jump on the Marshall

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Details are few and far betwixt right now, but a legendary name in guitar amplification is about to branch out in a big way. The cans you see above are slated to launch officially on November 15th, proudly boasting the Marshall label, a 1/4-inch input jack and soft, pillowy earcups. We get the impr

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