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While some games seem to be on us before we realize it, others are more of the slow-cooking rotisserie type. Dawntide is much like the latter, having been in open beta for almost a year now and marinating to sweet perfection before it announces dinnertime. Fortunately, Working as Intended's fa...

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July 28, 2011 at 9:00AM
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Massively Speaking Episode 155 returns this week with Shawn and Rubi discussing the week's MMO news. Topics include Planetside 2's upcoming announcement at Fan Faire, Global Agenda's success with F2P, EVE Online's CSM results and Age of Conan's Unchained update. After that, we're treated to a ...

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The hype-machine for Working as Intended's incoming MMO, Dawntide, resumed at the end of May with the announcement of the start of open beta. Dawntide promises to be a skill-based, open-PvP sandbox a la Shadowbane or Darkfall, with territory to claim, castles to build, sieges to undertake, and boat...

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