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Remember Bot & Dolly's awesome Kinetisphere from Google I/O 2012? Today the San Francisco-based design and engineering studio released Box, a film of the first ever synchronized live performance featuring projected 3D computer graphics, robots and actors. Imagine two Kuka industrial robots mov

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September 24, 2013 at 11:00AM
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Linux comes in all sorts of flavors -- it's part of what makes the OS so confusing to new comers. To make matters worse, some of the most popular variants are actually based on other distros, such as Linux Mint, the refreshing desktop that's based largely on Ubuntu. So, if you're wondering what's

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If you're still using terms like \"bling\" and \"pimp your [insert consumable]\" to show how down you are with the kids, then perhaps you're also interested in wearing your new iPhone as a belt buckle in support of your poser persona. In fact, why not strap on a set of speakers too and show everyone ju

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