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We saw this with DC Universe Online: when the population dropped below the level SOE was looking for, it decided to combine all the individual servers into a small group of mega-servers. The same thing could be a distinct possibility for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Yesterday, we reported on P...

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May 24, 2012 at 1:00PM
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While it is incredibly tempting to go off on a tear about the major decision announced this week to reboot the entire DC Comics universe, starting 52 new comics at issue #1 and essentially retconning every hero and villain we've known to date, this week's column isn't about that. After all, this ...

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When DC Universe Online first announced its "super servers," the whole matter seemed pretty cut and dried. These were server mergers under another name, right? Well... perhaps, but perhaps not quite. As a new piece on the merger explains, the servers are going to continue to operate both the PvP ...

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