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A teenage girl alone in a remote farmhouse, an absent father, a boyfriend off at college... and a locked door that conceals a tragic secret. These are the creepy, chilling tropes on display in Haunting Melissa, a serialized video horror story delivered in the form of an iOS app available today on ...

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May 16, 2013 at 8:15AM
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You never can tell what kind of strange and interesting people you'll run into at your local MMO tavern. Some prefer to drink and play cards, others prefer to gossip, and then there are those folks who use these social spots to find dungeon groups. Today's image from RIFT not only offers us a loo...

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Sure, we know that Cthulhu isn't in the Lord of the Rings Online, but you have to admit this slime-covered boss makes a pretty decent stand-in for the madness-inspiring elder god of legend. Today's dread-filled screenshot of battle comes to us from Melissa, who has been working on getting her class...

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