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Midway Arcade, the iOS collection of Midway arcade classics like Joust, Spy Hunter and Root Beer Tapper has been updated to include support for the iCade iPad dock, increasing the inherent arcade-ness of the experience by 100 percent. All that's missing is a fine, sticky film on every surface....

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April 21, 2012 at 10:30AM
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Midway -- well, Warner Bros. since there's no Midway anymore -- joins the group of publishers releasing iOS compilations of classic games. The 99-cent Midway Arcade app includes emulated versions of Spy Hunter, Rampage, Joust, Root Beer Tapper, Defender, and Arch Rivals, along with "Air Hockey, Arc...

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As if we didn't already have enough ways to purchase Joust, Midway has launched the "Midway Arcade," which offers just as much quarter-pumping excitement as the name implies. The online store -- really, it's just a store -- features 14 ancients for purchase and download in preset bundles, along wit...

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