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Motorola's Touchless Control app just got an upgrade that'll make perpetually busy people happy. Now, the app can read notifications out loud when you ask "what's up?," which sounds especially useful for hectic morning commutes. If you're feeling extra dull and unfriendly, though, you can always t...

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March 6, 2014 at 1:55AM
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Orkut has announced that users of Google's other social network can now use both from a unified profile. Those who plump for the change will find their details merged (using your Google+ credentials) and will now be subject to the same privacy and sharing settings. While popular in Brazil and Indi...

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We all know that one guy who flits between MMOs with the same attention span as an ADD goldfish on cocaine. Heck, we've probably been there ourselves a few times. Well, CNN's Geek Out blog has decided to take a look at the migratory patterns of the MMO gamer in his natural habitat, and the timi...

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