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Feldon over at EQ2Wire has called our attention to an interesting dev post on the EverQuest II forums. In spite of the fact that SOE has spent a lot of time balancing the game's 25 classes over the past 18 months, there's still some work to be done. EQII mechanics lead Mike "Xelgad" Ganz put o...

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January 15, 2013 at 10:30AM
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This past week, we learned that not only are we a long way from hearing details about EverQuest Next, but the handful of screenshots we got at the 2010 Fan Faire don't really represent what the game looks like anymore. I'm as excited as can be about EQ Next, and I'm rooting for big things for the...

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Interesting tidbits continue to flood the web regarding last week's SOE Fan Faire in Las Vegas, with the latest coming courtesy of EQ2Wire. The Norrathian newshounds have posted a series of video captures from the EQII Mechanics panel, featuring (from left, above) developers Rich Waters, Greg "Roth...

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