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We haven't heard a whole lot from MiniWIZ since it introduced its Hymini wind / solar charger quite a while back, but the company looks to have rolled into CES with at least one new offering: the seemingly 2001-inspired Solarbulb lamp. To complete the device, however, you'll have to supply your own

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January 10, 2009 at 1:02AM
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Upstart MINIWIZ managed to attract our attention with its HYmini alternative power source last fall, but it unfortunately didn't have all the specs we could have asked for or, more importantly, a price. In case you missed it, the HYmini device itself makes use of wind power to recharge the integrat

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There's no shortage of green solar- or wind-powered ways to juice up your gadgets these days, but rarely do we see a charger that employs both together -- along with the reliable old power grid -- for sweet, sweet redundancy. The Hymini from startup MINIWIZ was first conceived by founder Arthur Hua

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